This program is designed to assist the individual (early adolescent through late adulthood) in gaining an understanding of the problems related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, and the use/abuse of illegal substances. The curriculum is built on a 4 session model, and can be extended to 8 sessions, when clinically warranted. The Alcohol and Drug Education (ADE) program is a structured curriculum that addresses the biological, neurological, psychological, and environmental aspects of addiction. The individual meets with a substance abuse therapist who has extensive training and experience in substance use/abuse, as well as co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, etc. The program also provides information on the disease concept of alcoholism and addiction. Specific information is also provided on alcohol highway laws as well as laws pertaining to employment polices related to the use of illegal substances. The individual will learn healthy lifestyle changes which can significantly reduce the risk to themselves and their families for developing the disease of addiction. Random drug and alcohol screening is available, if warranted, requested by the individual or family, or required by law. At the completion of the program, the individual will be evaluated as to his/her progress, and a summary will then be forwarded to the clinical or legal referral source. If it is determined that the individual requires further treatment for his/her substance abuse problem, recommendations and a referral will be made at this time, and included in the summary. This program may be right for you if you are wondering whether or not your alcohol use is considered problematic, you were recently arrested with a minor in possession charge, your first OUIL or DUI charge, there are friends or family members expressing concerns, or there are problems at school, college or your employment because of alcohol or drug use/abuse. This program is designed to educate and interrupt what may later develop into a serious, progressive addiction.

To enter this educational program (or to ask additional questions), please contact Sheryl at (616) 949-7460 x127. Most insurances are accepted.